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Untamed is packed with real meat. It gives your cat a diet that mirrors the food they would hunt for in the wild. We take the freshest whole meats, and add a tiny bit of fruit and veg and gently steam cook them to lock in the nutrients.

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  • No animal derivatives or by-products
  • No preservatives
  • No grain fillers
Untamed Ingredients

Make it personal

Cats can be fussy, but we love their quirks. You can tailor their plan based on age, activity level… and peculiar tastes.

Personalise your cat's plan
Tailor your meal plan to your cat

Meal plan for George

Full On Fishy x 20

All In Poultry x 20

Beefy Goodness x 20

Serving: 2 pots a day
60 pots per month
Free delivery

£39 per month /
£0.65p per pot

Tuck-In Tuna x 15

Chocka Chicken x 10

Turkeylicious x 5

Serving: 1 pot a day
30 pots per month
Free delivery

£25 per month /
£0.83p per pot

Turkeylicious x 30

Beefy Goodness x 30

Chocka Chicken x 30

Serving: 3 pots a day
90 pots per month
Free delivery

£53 per month /
£0.59p per pot

Human grade ingredients No animal derivatives No preservatives

Healthier and happier cats

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From Day One

Because Untamed is moisture rich, the increased water consumption can have an immediate effect on your cats renal and urinary health.

One Month

Fresh, natural ingredients are easier to digest, so your cat should have fresher breath – and the litter box should smell fresher too!

Two To Four Months

Your cat will have more energy, more get-up-and-go thanks to high-protein whole meats – look out neighbourhood mice! You should also notice a shiny coat and less irritating hairballs, thanks to a diet rich in the primal nutrients cats need.

Four Months +

Expect natural weight control and fewer vet visits thanks to healthy food that mirrors their innate diet.

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Simple and easy for you
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Happy Cat Harry

Bill took to it straight away! It’s improved his coat and he’s much more energetic. We love it!

Faye, Leeds

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Why do you only use human-grade ingredients?

Because our cats deserve better. The human grade, whole meats we use in our recipes are protein rich and highly digestible, meaning your cat can use more of the nutrients in the food. This is in contrast to the high heat processed meat meal made from the parts of animals that aren’t consumed by humans, found in most traditional pet foods.

Where can I find a list of all your ingredients?

Our recipe pages have all the details! We also include it in each of our delivery boxes

Is Untamed a nutritionally complete diet?

Yes! We think Untamed should be all cat’s primary source of nutrition

Nutritious ingredients Vegetation for your cat

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